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澳客网安全吗 Sustainability is a key consideration for us in all we do.

Our actions, on a global scale, take into account our effects on the environment and society as a whole. The endeavors we embark on today should not compromise the well-being of the generations to come.

The Lonza Safety and Sustainability Policy underlines our commitment to

  • compliance and integrity
  • Vision Zero (zero accidents, injuries and incidents)
  • our people
  • our environment
  • society


With our new 2030 Targets, we aim to improve our environmental footprint by reducing energy and material demand per unit (2% per year). Our yearly 3% CO2-target aligns with global CO2 reduction target initiatives
(–50% of 2010, as stated in the Paris Agreement).

As a new step on the sustainability path, we published a Sustainability Report in 2019, following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. The report focuses on 16 environmental, economic and social topics identified as material by stakeholders.

To learn more about Lonza’s approach to sustainability, download the Sustainability Report 2018.